The Tobler Company, New Orleans, LA

6001 Stars & Stripes Blvd.
Suite 233
Lakefront Airport Terminal
New Orleans, LA 70126

Ph: 504.345.2363
Fx: 866.285.6626

Louisiana Superdome, Reinventing the Crescent, Champions Square


The following items briefly highlights the important Construction Management tasks performed by The Tobler Company. This relieve's the Owner of the tremendous administration burden and on-site inspection time required by most projects.

  1. Prepare Construction and Cash Flow Schedule
  2. Solicit and Tabulate Bids and Field Costs
  3. Review Bids, Alternates and Substitutions
  4. Investigate Subcontractors and Material Suppliers
  5. Prepare Cost Records for Total Project
  6. Establish Field Office (as needed)
  7. Secure Building and Related Permits
  8. Obtain Materials Testing and Inspection Services
  9. Issue Purchase Orders and Other Contractual Documents
  10. Assign Full Time Engineer and Supporting Staff
  11. Do all Scheduling, Expediting and Coordination with the Owner's Representative, Equipment Manufacturers and Construction Trades
  12. Inspect & Document Work for Workmanship
  13. Conduct Coordination Meetings, Photos and Progress Reports
  14. Conduct Safety Meetings
  15. Prepare and Enforce a Security Plan
  16. Timekeeping, Receiving and Unloading
  17. Issue Change Orders and Extra Work Orders as Authorized
  18. Prepare Daily Job Reports and Work Force Reports
  19. Maintain As-Built Plans and Job Records
  20. Review all Bills and Invoices
  21. Maintain Complete Cost Records
  22. Secure Waivers of Lien and Equipment Guarantees
  23. Compile Maintenance and Operational Manuals
  24. Coordinate Owner Instruction on Operation of Equipment