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Construction Management Services rendered by The Tobler Company offer a number of advantages which make them attractive to the project owner.

The Owner is assured of professional independence.

The Tobler Company provides project and construction management services to the Owner which is independent of any financial interest related to the cost of construction materials or equipment contracts, ensuring that the actual costs are continually available for the Owner's review. In the implementation of any project, questions arise which involve the Owners interests and can result in differences of opinion. The Owner's interests are most effectively protected by having independent management and professional construction expertise available throughout the process.

The approach is highly flexible to meet specific requirements of the Owner and the individual project.

If the Owner possesses some, but not all, of the professional capability required to provide management, design management and construction management services, the needed additional capability can be obtained from The Tobler Company. It is not all that unusual for the Owner to provide some part of the services in one or more of these areas. The Owner and The Tobler Company personnel are merged into an integrated project team organization specifically adopted to project needs and Owner requirements. Traditional approaches to the implementation of construction projects do not offer this flexibility.

The Owner obtains improved schedule performance.

As multiple construction contacts and materials & equipment contracts are inherent in this concept. These elements can be phased and overlapped with design efforts, in a process that allows for a faster construction track.

A proven, systemic approach to construction is facilitated.

With phased construction and design, the purchase of specific systems can predate completion of design. This permits the final design drawings to be based on the actual systems purchased. This results in more complete plans and specifications and increased bid competition and ultimately lower costs.

The Owner obtains stronger management of the project.

Increasingly, the problems of project implementation are those of management of the many functions and activities involved in construction, rather than those of a technical nature. This requires sound integrated management from start to finish, with emphasis on items such as scheduling, cost control, purchasing and expediting. Project and construction management services provide this additional effort and emphasis.

Professional construction expertise is provided by the Owner, Architect and Consultant team during the design process.

The Tobler Company's construction management staff is oriented toward effective interfaces between the Owner, Project A&E Team, and the Contractor. The resulting design will produce an improved level of constructability, reduce costs and minimize construction issues.

The owner has greater assurance of quality control.

The construction expertise of The Tobler Company staff will provide the Owner with targeted efforts devoted to quality assurance.

Costs are reduced.

Costs are managed by The Tobler Company through a number of factors as a part of its overall Project Management function.