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Cost Management

Cost Control begins at the earliest stages of the Project and continues throughout the Planning and Design period with additional progressive monitoring maintained for each major Construction Component as actual construction commences.

The initial Budget is broken down into major cost categories, i.e., Planning, Design, Site work, Foundations, Equipments, etc., to establish early Design and Construction guidelines for the entire Project Team.

As design progresses, these categories are further segregated into Systems, system components, Equipment items and any other individual area that can be isolated for estimating purposes.

Quantity Labor and Material breakdowns are itemized, estimated and continually compared to the Budget guidelines. From rapid updating to total project costs, EDP equipment is utilized when the list of cost control items becomes significantly long. An example of how equipment components can be identified and recorded, utilizing EDP systems, is included herein.

All Design phases involve comparison of like materials to satisfy a given requirement, in order to take advantage of optimum costing as part of the final selection, with emphasis also on durability and maintainability as well as appearances. More commonly referred to as

Value Analysis and Life Cycle Costing.
Cost information for estimating purposes is obtained as close to the anticipated source as possible. Frequent checks are made with special consultants, material suppliers and contractors, as to current costs.

In addition, The Tobler Company's own historical cost file is utilized to the fullest. Established itemized budget breakdowns are then continually monitored against actual expenditures to provide a constant cost reporting and budget monitoring system.